"SPECIAL INVESTIGATIONS" reveals the origin of nine three-fingered mummies in Nazca, Peru; Interviews multiple witnesses of UFO crashes near Los Alamos nuclear plant in New Mexico; Documents three unique cases of human Abductions in Florida, Arizona, and Colorado; Logs extensive trips to the UK to reveal Crop Circles that appear overnight on wheat fields; Travels to Millenary Cities in Mexico and Peru built using unknown technologies, and investigates three unique cases in Italy, that includes Antonio Urzi, considered the top UFO hunter in the world. Distributed worldwide by Big Media. 

"THE APOSTLE" is a five-part docu-series that portrays the cult practices behind the Megachurch "The Light of the World", with presence in 28 countries and a 5 million strong fellowship. For 100 years, the patriarchs imposed a culture of sexual and labor submission, recruiting young victims for their sexual perversions and calling themselves "Apostles of Jesus Christ". Their current leader, Naasón Joaquin, was arrested in Los Angeles in 2019 for child abuse, and recently sentenced to 16 years in estate prison, with federal charges still pending. Distributed worldwide.